With over 25 years as an
educator, facilitator, coach
and consultant, Peter inspires
individuals and teams to
create healthier organizational
environments. Loaded with
tools and techniques, his
presentations and workshops
support participants to make
a positive impact on
organizational culture.
Bottom line: Unhealthy workplace environments are the leading
cause smart organizations derail. Peter will support your organization to be both smart and healthy.


Peter’s audiences walk away with strategies and skills designed to:

  • increase commitment and buy-in to change,
  • create healthier relationships,
  • implement self-management strategies leading to more effective
    time management,
  • reduce gossip and improve morale,
  • proactively work from a place of integrity,
  • effectively manage stress.

“You provided practical examples that made the ‘head-nodders’ stop and think.”

Peter Vajda


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PETER VAJDA provides customized keynotes,
breakout sessions and workshops

Peter’s Most Requested Presentations/Workshops:

Three Keys for Overcoming Resistance to Change
Why do 70% of all change efforts fail? Because we're conditioned to avoid and resist change. Common strategies and approaches to change more often lead to resentment, passive aggressiveness, sabotage and defensive compliance. Are we sabotaging our own or others' efforts to change? Are our personal or professional performance and production threatened by our resistance and reluctance to change? Participants explore the obstacles preventing them from embracing change and learn proven and effective tools, techniques and practices to reduce and eliminate their resistance to change and free them to be comfortable with, and fully embrace change.

SELF - Management: The Key to Effective Time Management
In spite of all the time management tools and techniques with which we're bombarded daily, we don't seem to be improving on the efficiency with which we live our lives. Each of us has three options: increase the amount of available time we have, reduce the number of tasks we choose to engage in or change the amount of time we spend on a task (i.e., efficiency and productivity). Our common strategy is to rob Peter to pay Paul. Self-defeating trade-offs usually result in giving up what we need most, e.g., exercise, "me" time, sleep, personal growth, healthy relationships, etc. Peter explores: Are you doing the right thing? Are you doing things the right way? And, are you operating at 100% productivity? That is, are you managing yourself in an optimal way in order to manage your time in an optimal way?

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What attendees are saying.....

"This was the best session at the NASW conference! You definitely exceeded my expectations. I couldn't understand why I was so frustrated about my personal and work life, but now I can see what was hindering me. Thank you so much for helping me."
Sharon W., L.S.W., Atlanta, GA

"Your presentation was my favorite of the year! It served as a timely reminder for self-evaluation."
Tom W., SRA, Atlanta GA

“…Really enjoyed both of your workshops…changed my life…have used your stress-reduction exercises several times and they really work well to relax and stay calm…but energized…should be a requirement for everyone, even people who just stay home. Thank you so much!”
Kathryn Pelling, Manager, San Jose, CA

“My body feels great…great stuff…wow, what a relaxing experience!”
Karen P., Financial Consultant, St. Augustine, FL

“Very relaxing; everyone should take this workshop…reminds us to listen to our bodies. I feel more in sync with myself than I ever did…”
Gary R., Exec. V.P., New York, NY

“More powerful than I expected…wonderful…insightful. I am experiencing a much greater sense of inner peace and well-being…”
Dan F., Manager, Atlanta, GA.

“I learned a lot about the body-mind connection…I could have stayed all day.”
Lisa R., Attorney, Chicago, IL

“Outstanding presentations and information; I learned a lot and you provide terrific food for thought…”
Program Director, Women in Electronics, Atlanta, GA

“…Your style and facilitation skills are outstanding in bringing people to feel safe, secure and comfortable as they work to resolve their life challenges and problems…I am much clearer in my goals and objectives and how I plan to achieve them.”
Judy R, Sedona, AZ

“…What a relief it all is to stand here and look back. You helped me to use my mind very effectively versus randomly; working with you was like reading the book of life and how to live it…”
John Walker, Bangor, ME

“Lives were touched…by your workshop”
Paula Fowler, Women in Electronics, Atlanta, GA.

“Your Overcoming Resistance to Change presentation was phenomenal. It really resonated within me. I think it is the best presentation at any meeting I’ve attended.” Alexander Davidson, Materials, Procurement, Lean Six Sigma Professional Consultant

“Your workshop was an amazing experience - most certainly time well spent.” Tom Kounelis, Director, Brand Communication, Kounelis LLC

“You spoke at AQAA ast night about resistance to change & you were wonderful. Thank you for the advice on reprogramming.” Dawn Payne, Project Manager, Cox Communications

“It was a tremendous job you did Peter; I received lots of tremendously positive verbal feedback!” Stephen Burlingame, President, Atlanta SPIN (Software and Systems Process Improvement Network)

“Peter Vajda has been the keynote speaker at our meetings on several occasions. He offers an eclectic mix of topics which he is willing to address; all of them centered around conscious living. Each time our organization has invited Peter, the topics and the conversation have been lively and thought-provoking. You will come away with a better knowledge of how to work together with others as a team; how to nourish your mind, body, and spirit; and how to laugh and not take yourself quite so seriously!” Vikki Planche, Women in Electronics, Atlanta Chapter

“Our people who attended certainly appreciated your workshops. We hope to have you back next year….Great instructor, very informative…well presented, much to think about, excellent presentation…we need a longer session with this guy…the best approach to turning off past programming in the everyday work environment… thank you for these steps…” Roy Bohrer, Chair, National Association of Retain Property Managers

I loved the session and the topic (Integrity at Work-How Are You Showing Up?)....right now, this was right on point. We will need this for people to maintain positive attitudes to carry out the legacy of HR's goals." JH, Manager of Legal Support Services, major law firm, Atlanta, GA   

"… Best presentation of 2013 so far…," "… Practical examples that made the "head nodders" stop and think," "…Thoughtful and practical for myself and dealing with others…" "… Peter broke down the source of fear; He gave tools on how to reprogram yourself…" "… Asking feedback from audience, clearly expressing concepts…"… Profound; not your usual topic…" "… Very knowledgeable presenter, involved the audience…"… Useful, now!..." 

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