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Principals share their experiences with the Time to Teach Classroom Management strategies
Is this workshop for you? Here are some of the topics, thoughts and perspectives covered in the workshop.
He who is not busy living, is busy dying.
Do you spend enormous amounts of time and energy trying to convince yourself and others you are a big fish in a small pond or an even bigger fish in a larger pond? The reality? Most of us are little fish in little ponds. How so?
70% of HR change initiatives fail. Are you contributing? Are you dealing openly, honestly and responsibly with resistance? My Overcoming Resistance to Change workshop can support you to create REAL and SUSTAINABLE change.
Dealing with in-your-face issues, problems or challenges? Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, sad, scared, or angry? What would it be like if you viewed life from 25 miles out? A change in perspective can make a substantial difference.