Clients Share

About Their Success in Business

“Peter’s executive coaching, always consummately professional, helped me to clarify a vision and purpose. With an approach grounded in the head, heart and soul — a necessary blend for real change — Peter’s guidance allowed me to fully and deeply explore that which matters most to me. The result of my work with Peter speaks for itself, as my professional and career dreams have been and continue to come into fruition. Peter is without doubt one of “the five people I will meet in heaven.”

Cynthia McEwen, Vice President & Executive Consultant, Leadership & Sustainability Practice, Avastone Consulting, Roswell, GA

“It is hard to find adequate words to describe how much Peter has helped me. As a result of Peter’s skillful guidance and support, I have grown and developed in virtually every aspect of life. My ability to set and achieve goals and objectives has improved dramatically; my business ventures and my personal life are more organized, and I am able to adapt to change and flux with ease and fluidity. I actually perceive and experience most problems and challenges as opportunities to expand and grow and meet every situation that arises with amazing confidence and clarity of purpose. The bottom line for me is that I have a deeper knowing of who I am in the world of work and the world in general and why I’m here. If you are looking for the highest level of professional guidance, you will find it with Peter Vajda!"

Byron Metcalf, Founder HoloShaminic Strategies, LLC, Prescott, AZ

“Peter opened my eyes to the world of energy work that I have since adopted as a daily practice. This energy work, coupled with his powerful questioning and coaching techniques, helped me very much understand more clearly my relationship to my boss and to paid-work in general. I am grateful to Peter for the higher level of awareness I've gained through this process, and for the practical actions I took to experience in my professional life greater fulfillment and self-realization.”

Jean-Christophe Peret, Supply Chain Executive, New Plymouth, New Zealand

“Peter has been my coach for several years and I have been able to appreciate how supportive and empowering a coach he is. All these years I have been building my own company with the related challenges, both on the personal as well as the professional side. I found Peter’s approach very empowering as it includes energy work, inner work, corporate training as well as team facilitation skills. It is rare to find all these competencies in one person. With his active listening skills, supportive, provocative and powerful questions, and his honest and constructive feedback, he has helped me to grow as a person as well as an entrepreneur.

I loved the session and the topic (Integrity at Work-How Are You Showing Up?). Right now with the atmosphere of the firm, this was right on point. We will need this for people to maintain positive attitude to carry out the legacy of HR's goals.”

JH, Manager of Legal Support, major law firm in Atlanta, GA

Peter has been my coach for several years and I have been able to appreciate how supportive and empowering a coach he is. All these years I have been building my own company with the related challenges, both on the personal as well as the professional side. I found Peter’s approach very empowering as it includes energy work, inner work, corporate training as well as team facilitation skills. It is rare to find all these competencies in one person. With his active listening skills, supportive, provocative and powerful questions, and his honest and constructive feedback, he has helped me to grow as a person as well as an entrepreneur.

Hélène Aubry, Executive Coach and Founder, Institut de Coaching; ICF Swiss Board Member, Geneva, Switzerland

“Peter clearly and compassionately gives you the tools to make progress in any area of your life. He uses spiritual insight and energy work, combined with more mainstream techniques, to help you reach your goals. In my case, I was looking to make a career change. Peter helped guide me in the right direction by first homing in on the skills I have and the things I like to do, and then by giving me practical advice on getting a foot in the door, and ultimately securing my dream job. First and foremost, he is a kind, insightful, positive person who I truly enjoyed working with.”

Vanessa Gaby, Senior Copywriter, Ferguson Pharmaceutical Advertising, New York, NY

“I went through Peter Vajda's personal coaching program…one of the most valuable things I have ever done. The program consisted of coming up with a statement for my life, visions of what I would like to do, be and have in all ten areas of my life, a list of annual possibilities in each of those ten areas and further broken down into two-week increments called the "results game" when I met with Peter to go over my progress. During and following the program, I found myself more energetic than ever before in working toward achieving my goals, especially at work. While my priorities have changed, the methodology is very solid and has led to excellent results.”

James D. Meadows, Partner, Balch & Bingham, LLP., Atlanta, GA.

“I engaged Peter on the recommendation of a close friend who he had supported. After having left the organization I had helped found, I was not sure what type of job, direction or career I wanted. Through his personal coaching process, Peter gave me the tools to help me identify not only the values that are most important to me, but how to pick a direction and path that lies in balance with these things I value the most. Using his coaching and self-management tools, I was able to set a series of goals to not only find my ideal job, but to also achieve additional entrepreneurial and personal success as a byproduct. I have found his coaching support invaluable and continue to use his mind-body-spirit coaching tools every day.”

Matt Newman, RiskMetrics Group, Cambridge MA

“You helped me integrate self-coaching principles into my personal and work life and then demonstrate what it is to live an authentic life…you walk the talk and practice the principles you teach…I am really at peace.”

Val Northcut, Legal Assistant, Kilpatrick Stockton, LLP, Atlanta, GA

About Their Success at Home and
In Relationship

“I thought I knew a lot about my partner, but I really knew mostly facts. As a result of the Couples Coaching program, I now have a better grasp of her history, motivations, and emotional reflexes. I learned it is about me in this relationship, how I bring my stuff, my dreams, disappointments, and frustrations to this relationship and how my projections are at work. I am confident we are better partners now and understand how we can prevent hours of misperceptions and miscommunication. This was a wise investment in our relationship.”

Walt Mueller, project manager, Cox Communications, Atlanta, GA

“The Couples Coaching experience was invaluable. I have arrived at a next level of intimacy with my partner. I had the opportunity to explore the up-to-now hidden pitfalls in our relationship and address these issues which resulted in a great deal of relief, understanding and self-confidence. The exercises helped us learn about each other on a much deeper level. I learned why I would get upset, about my triggers, and how my own history has impacted my present relationship. I now have the tools and practices to help me move forward to create a more loving, conscious and healthy relationship. The Couples Coaching experience has helped me move toward a more peaceful, heartfelt and meaningful life experience in my relationship.”

Anne Marie Wilfert, Hairstylist, The Maria Heckscher Salon, Atlanta, GA

“I existed for some 52 years before consulting with Peter Vajda, my personal coach. About mid way through our course of meetings I came to realize the essence of my life. I have applied this learning in my workplace and have witnessed amazing positive results. Though I have always managed to achieve what others might deem successful results, I never came so close to living the experience as I do now. My relationships at work and at home have improved dramatically. I attribute this to Peter's system of coaching and his sincere support and energetic encouragement. I am so gratified with my personal results that I intend to offer Peter's coaching services to my employees at my expense.

Dan Wilhelm, Partner, Crown Management & Realty, Roswell, Georgia

“I was lost and falling apart on a personal level when I was first put in contact with Peter. His coaching supported me to work through some very difficult times and get back on track with my life. I attribute my experience with Peter as having helped me find my inner strength and courage and life’s purpose. The most profound result has been my recent marriage to “the woman of my dreams” which is a direct result of having done the “work” with Peter. I’m eternally grateful.”

Charlie Weber, Weber and Associates, Roswell GA

“From experiencing the singles workshop and personal coaching around relatonships, I have learned more about myself…I have a deeper understanding of what I want and deserve from my partner and my life. This workshop that has taught me to enter a relationship with my eyes wide open…to always express my feelings…to further understand my purpose in life and my life vision…in all aspects such as the physical, the mental, and the spiritual…Overall, I want to approach life and a relationship proactively and realistically…”

Terri Latimer, Personal Trainer, Atlanta GA

About Their Success in Life

“I have started coaching with Peter in April 2009. During the coaching process many unforeseen things happened. I was laid off from my job in May, met a new boyfriend in July and developed a health issue in August. With Peter's support and guidance I came through all that not only undamaged, but so very much stronger and happier. He made me aware - in letting me discover this by myself - that life can be extremely beautiful even during challenge times. Peter made me aware that we are all fully responsible of our lives. And no one else. He never imposes views or insights, but lets the coachees discover everything by themselves. He brings out the adult in us and calls the adult to full responsibility. I can only highly recommend coaching with Peter. It just brings a difference to life."

Monika B. Paitl, Owner - communications9, Munich, Germany

“After trying several coaches I am glad to have found Peter. He has the capacity to probe, ask challenging questions and engage me in dialogue in a way that I continually gain insights and self-awareness that have promoted my personal and professional growth. Our coaching sessions consistently lead me on journeys of self-discovery. I have never experienced anyone who has the ability to address all my concerns in an integrative fashion, especially spiritually and emotionally. He is supportive and when I am stuck he compassionately, yet challengingly, provides valuable support, feedback and tools that enable me to move forward. With Peter as my coach I am able to take more risks, and give up old, habitual and self-limiting patterns of behaving. I have recommended, and continue to recommend, Peter to friends and professional colleagues alike.”

Marianne Brandt, Intercultural Consultant, Coach, and Facilitator; Global Bonding, Northville, MI

“A few years ago I suffered brain damage in an accident, and my life changed overnight. Memory problems that appeared as a result of that accident forced me to resign from my job. My family life was thrown into disarray. And I found myself trying to deal with a body and mind that no longer functioned in a predictable manner. I sought out Peter's help because I knew I needed help to get my life back into some kind of order.

Peter helped me to realize that my first step had to be acceptance. I had been putting all of my energy into attempting to rebuild my pre-accident life, but that, he pointed out, was a useless effort, because my mind and body were permanently changed, and the past was gone. So he changed my direction, and helped me to accept my loss, and come to terms with my new limitations. He then led me through a process of self-discovery in which I learned to play to my strengths, compensate for my weaknesses, and actively discover ways to speed up the healing process.

His coaching has been invaluable to me — I deeply appreciate his kindness, his astute but impartial observations and intuitive insights, his professionalism, and his humor. And the many techniques and procedures for self-coaching that he has passed on to me have made it possible for me to build a new life, both personally and professionally. What’s more, life is a lot more fun than it used to be! Thanks, Peter!”

Stuart Staton, President, Full Circle Inc., Alpharetta, GA

“Not a day goes by when I don’t utilize the tools, techniques and strategies I acquired during my work with Peter both in my career and in my personal life. I started working with Peter during a job transition that I found so challenging it was affecting my health. Peter’s incisive and insightful coaching showed me how to make my career and my emotional, spiritual and physical well-being compatible. Sure, I’d read about the importance of setting goals, work/life balance and public speaking in books and magazines, but I was not creating the results I wanted in these areas before working with Peter. Now I am.”

Elke Villa, Director of Retail and Mass Marketing, Simon & Schuster, Inc., New York, NY

“I initially started Peter’s coaching when I was looking for career guidance. I needed help in exploring my options and desires, rebuilding my resume and basic interviewing techniques. Once I began, I soon came to realize that what Peter could provide was much more than career coaching, his program offered guidance on other aspects of my life. I spent time not only looking at the various avenues I could consider for a career, but also provided me with insights on my then-current relationship, my personal budgeting and generally, how I spent my days, what I focused on, what was important to me, how I could make time for my priorities, which included down-time for myself. What I found even more enlightening was the overall spiritual work, how to find inner balance and peace.

Today I still take the time to look back at all the work we did together and use the tools I learned; this helps me regroup and remember where to focus my energy. I have recommended Peter to three of my close friends, who have in turn recommended Peter to others as well. Each of my friends loved, and benefited from, working with Peter. His program helps you look within to find what gives you that inner peace you seek, whether is it professional, for relationships or just basic day-to-day well being. Most importantly, Peter cares about you, your progress and is dedicated to ensuring you get from the program what it is that you are seeking to obtain.”

Christina Villa, Vice President, Deutsche Bank AG, New York, NY

“If, at the end of your life, you want to inwardly say, I’ve lived my full life and I am content and ready to move into my next phase, then work with Peter Vajda.
Eight months ago, I completed my life coaching sessions with Peter. As I continue the life practices learned with Peter, I become ever more aware of their practical and long-lasting value. Inner gains from other coaching and therapeutic interactions have diminished over time, but my work with Peter continues to inform, deepen and expand my inner and outer living.

Life-long friends (unaware of my work with Peter) initiate telling me how different I am. They remark that my change seems to emanate from my inner being – that I seem more content and peaceful.

After struggling with fear and anxiety for 47 years, I now have lived with a quiet, abiding inner sense of okay-ness, which started with my coaching sessions. As I greet mornings with contented awareness, I am choosing to spend my precious moments focused on what matters most to me. My formerly habitual anxiety is replaced by inner peace and trust in my life’s unfolding process.

Now, with the reflection of time-passing, I feel ever more grateful for my work with Peter. The power of his work emanates from his life-long, continual inner practices – he practices what he teaches. He has been walking this path of life practices so he is able to serve as a guide with utmost integrity, clarity and compassion. Honor the sacredness within you: Choose to work with Peter Vajda.”

Lisa Buckley, MSW, President, Buckley Consulting Group, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“My work with Peter was an invaluable experience that continues to carry me through each day. Peter's approach is unique in that it releases one from one's "story" and allows for forward movement — in every area of life. He arms you with tools you can literally call upon at any given moment and hence harness the energy that allows us to keep our focus and experience joy. Folks, this gentleman can turn you around. Be willing to be surprised and you will be.”

Jainee McCarroll, National Account Manager, Barnes &, New York, NY

“I have a personal trainer to make my body stronger. Have great friends and family who make my life richer. Many teachers and mentors in my life to help me learn and grow. Yet, as a whole I did not feel strong. I felt that there was something I was missing. Peter helped me find the missing pieces and helped make my whole self stronger and more resilient.

I’ve worked with Peter now for almost a year, and have experienced transformation and feel 100% stronger; it’s almost as if I mentally lifted weights, did deep lunges, breathed, watched and observed, and through this process I was able to resurface a side of myself that had not been present for years.

I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to work with Peter. His approach is direct (to the point), which I appreciate. He has a natural ability to intuitively get what’s truly happening and how best to move forward. It’s a partnership, and a great one. I felt and feel that I have someone to talk to who is unbiased, and focused on what’s best for me.

My family has noticed the difference in me. I am more relaxed. I don’t get as worked up about the small stuff. I feel lighter and more at ease with what’s happening around me, and most importantly, what’s happening inside of me.

Peter helped me first to identify and move through some issues that were creating tension in my life. From there, he helped me discover my purpose and work on creating results that are purpose-based. Ironically, synchronistically, once I completed the work and my purpose statement, a new career opportunity came my way that is more aligned with my purpose than where I was.

Thank you Peter! Working with Peter is the best investment I have ever made! The returns have been significant and ongoing.”

Erika Crocker, Manager of Professional Services, Birmingham, MI

“I was impressed with your straight forward manner, very professional, philosophical and spiritual with no propaganda attached. I continue to work with you because of the incredible difference the first round made in terms of ease of operating with my crew, clients and general organization. I was, and am, impressed with your professionalism, your focus, your egalitarian nature, your powerful questions that require a lot of thinking and reflecting; the manner in which you challenge my beliefs and assumptions about people and the world; how you engage me to think about what I want and how I am...., plus you are really big on integrity.

Your "work" is interesting and simple, though not easy. What did I value the most? the results! I finally found someone who could steer me in the right direction where I streamlined my responsibilities, improved communication, planned and reviewed vs. dealing with things as they come up or blaming, delegated and train versus do it all, raise one's expectations to a high standard of one's own choosing versus the norm... what a relief it all is to stand here and look back.

You helped me to use my mind very effectively versus randomly, it was like reading the book of life and how to live it. You made me think and advocate on my own behalf, but some of this was by asking powerful questions that challenged my beliefs; now, I spend a lot less time on energy draining events and people; I am clearer about what I want and don't want to do, to have in my life and I can make changes.

The biggest point is that I can make changes with my own goals in mind versus feelings, obligations, loyalties etc. I have my hands very firmly on the tiller and on any given day, I know where I am going, where I have been what I want to change, ask for help, how to set goals and attain them, make my employees do the same, how to stay on track, maintain discipline, demand what I want, make rules for the benefit of the many and enforce them.

We are all re-examining personal goals consistently as a result of my work with you…I really learned to fall in love with change and to encourage other people's minds to grow. That is really the essence, of your work…realizing that the minds that support you are fertile ground that need to be cultivated, directed, educated and utilized.”

April Gonzales, Landscape Architect, Owner, April Gonzales Garden Design, Southampton, NY

“Working with Peter has been one of the most positive influences on my life. With Peter's coaching I have made tremendous advances in creating a purposeful and balanced life. I was a skeptic on 'life coaching'; however, with his coaching I find myself more happy, more balanced with work, home, and in my relationships and better adept at handling the curveballs life will throw at me. I always enjoy working with Peter for his teachings on self-awareness and mainly because he loves and is very passionate about his work.”

Roy Salsich, Jobsite Recycling Equipment, Atlanta, GA

Unique yet profound. His technique of questioning coupled with an interesting and challenging assortment of assigned tasks, have created results that have forever changed the way I look at life and myself. I've been pushed in ways that have helped me see who I truly am. An amazing journey with an amazing coach!”

A.C., Birmingham, MI

“Entering into the coaching experience, I was a person who enjoyed teaching others, but who rarely turned to others for their guidance and counsel. Peter genuinely loves to support others, and this shone through so clearly that it was easy for me to decide to avail myself of his coaching program. Some of the key lessons/techniques that Peter taught me include: making progress in "baby steps", paying attention to multiple life areas rather than just one or two, building the habit of working on two-week goals (as well as working on longer-term goals), and identifying my core values and crafting my life purpose statement. Along the way, we expanded my comfort zone, increased my energy level, and added many new acquaintances and friends. Currently, I self-coach and continue with my two-week goals. My mental, physical, and spiritual well-being has been greatly enhanced by my coaching experience with Peter.”

Denis D'Avello, Fairlawn, OH

“Peter’s coaching and guidance has been extraordinary! My professional and personal life simply works and flows better in virtually every way. I have significantly reduced stress and frustration and I feel much more capable and confident. Working with Peter has been one of the most valuable experiences of my life!”

Byron Metcalf, Ph.D., Therapist, Educator; Director, Center for Transpersonal Studies & Development Prescott, AZ

“Through my work with Peter, I have learned to become more aware of my thoughts and feelings. I can recognize when I am self-conscious, judgmental and stressed and have learned how to work through these situations with a greater sense of well-being. Peter has supported me to master the tools for creating my goals and reviewing my progress towards reaching those goals in a consistent way. One of my first goals in working with Peter was to start exercising more. Using these techniques, I have been able to consistently be intentional, schedule time to work out and as a result I have been able to lose over 25 pounds. My energy has increased as well as my self confidence and feeling of self-worth.”

Scott Banks, Atlanta, GA

“My situation was getting worse; the drugs were getting stronger…you were my last hope...your approach helped me change who I was becoming...your work was vital to my healing…for the first time I had clear direction to the possibility of a fulfilling life…I am more myself than I have ever been and I am a well-balanced, whole person…my mind, body and spirit are in balance…”

L., AT&T, Atlanta, GA

“Eighteen months removed from Peter's coaching and I still find his guidance in my daily life. When everyday pressures start to overwhelm me I can go back to the tools he gave me and focus on my energy and where it is being expended. This seemingly simple technique allows me to refocus my efforts where they are most productive and just as important, ignore those areas which are a waste of effort. This is one of the many tools and exercises Peter coached me on that has improved my energy level, stress level, and improved my life. I encourage anyone who struggles with life's pressures to give Peter the opportunity to coach and guide them.”

Chris Jaswa, President, Belmart Enterprises, Ellijay, GA

About Community of Men

For more than a year now, I have been attending a men's group hosted and lead by Dr. Peter Vajda. These meetings have become so important to me that I have made certain not to miss a single meeting. These meetings have helped me re-charge and re-focus. I leave the meetings on a high, and I think I better perceive how I now show up for other people. From these meetings I have come to better appreciate other men and this appreciation has helped me better understand my role in my own life. These meetings have become a highlight of my month.

— Dan W.

About a year ago Peter Vajda asked me if I was interested in joining a group that would involve men getting together to explore personal, emotional and experiential issues not normally discussed or even recognized by most men. The last year+ of meetings have been challenging and occasionally uncomfortable but always extraordinarily rewarding. Dr. Vajda is an outstanding facilitator; he is both a guide and a participant in a journey that continues to expand all of our horizons. I highly recommend this group to any man interested in and committed to internal growth and learning.

— Marcus W.

Being involved with this Men’s group has given me time for reflection of who I am, how I perceive others and how I act around others and why. I have explored and used tools and techniques that support me to be more open with others as well as being more open and honest with myself.

— Scott B.

I joined Dr. Vajda’s Community of Men’s group about a year ago. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to attend, motivated primarily by curiosity and an interest in what would be involved in joining such a group. In the time since that initial decision to attend, the meetings have become an important and meaningful part of my personal growth. Through involvement in the group I have found a trusting and supportive environment that has helped me stretch my limits and challenge myself to explore who I am. I feel the opportunity to explore issues that are often not discussed among men has enabled my personal growth and self-reflection. The experiences I have shared with the other men in the group have become an important step in my personal journey.

— Don H.

Following some coaching work with Dr. Peter Vajda nearly two years ago, Peter invited me to join a men’s group he was forming. Although a bit tentative at first, I chose to accept the invitation and have never looked back. The monthly meetings we participate in have become a very valuable part of my life and help me to maintain balance and to grow on many fronts. I find it to be an excellent reinforcement for many of the techniques that Peter uses in his coaching. Early on in my coaching process, I asked Peter if he had any programs for maintenance following the rather intensive coaching work. This group meets that bill for me. I highly recommend these groups led by Peter to any man who is committed to personal growth.

— Charles W.