"Classoom Misbehavior — Creating a Culture of Discord" — GCTM Annual Conference

Event Date: 
Thursday, October 19, 2017
2:30-4:00 pm
Rock Eagle 4-H Center
350 Rock Eagle Road
Eatonton, GA

The most overlooked misconception in education today is students come to school with the social skills needed for learning to take place.

Research shows an average classroom teacher loses between five to nine hours per week dealing with low-level pesky behaviors.

Frustrated by students' misbehaviors? Dealing with discipline matters taking up valuable teaching time? I'll share some core beliefs and introduce you to theories that help you understand the impact of low level inappropriate behaviors on your students and classroom. Learn "8:00 Monday morning" research-based strategies of a fair and simple classroom management system that will eliminate unwanted behaviors by 70% or more. Learn the essential steps of teaching to expected behaviors and discover the benefits and the importance of positive interactions with your students.

Learn how to dramatically increase the amount of time you spend on instruction and decrease the amount of time giving multiple warnings and repeated requests to stop misbehavior. Learn how investing extra time in your students at the beginning of the year increases the amount of time you have for instruction throughout the year. Reduce your and your students' stress level while creating a working relationship that is built on caring and respect.